Carlingford Community Newsletter July 2018 Edition


You can download the original PDF and view it in its intended presentation format.

This newsletter is jointly produced by the five bodies representing the Carlingford community, namely:

CCTA – Carlingford & Cooley Tourism Assoc.
CLHT – Carlingford Lough Heritage Trust
CRA – Carlingford Residents Association
CTT – Carlingford Tidy Towns
CCD – Carlingford Community Development (The Foy Centre)


Carlingford Community Forum News

Despite the beautiful weather, the Forum continued to meet during July.

Some good news on the Urban Realm Study! The Heritage Council has clarified the criteria for the payment of the grant so work has begun. The Forum met with Paraic Mc Kevitt, Architect on Wednesday 25th July and will now meet with Louth County Council as any proposals will need to be in line with the County Development Plan 2015-2021. The outcome will be publicly displayed for feedback and comment. The completion date is November.

Approval has been received from Louth County Council for the tendering process carried out by the Forum to secure a Consultant to oversee the Town & Village Renewal Scheme 2017. We hope to move along with this Scheme in the near future.

Unfortunately, Carlingford’s application for the 2018 Scheme, namely, Repair of the Church of Ireland cemetery wall was not forwarded for funding consideration. The County Council offered assistance in identifying alternative funding sources.

The Forum congratulates Carlingford Tidy Towns on the fantastic work being carried out at present with particular reference to the new Welcome Signs and the beautiful fresh flower displays evident throughout the town. These projects are in addition to the wonderful work carried out all year round. Carlingford Tidy Towns deserves our ongoing support.

Enjoy the remainder of the Summer Season.

Heritage News

A Busy summer at the Heritage Centre

The upgrade and re-decoration of the Heritage Centre noted in the May newsletter was timely. The interior was repainted, fire alarm and emergency lighting were improved and new staging and sound equipment were installed. Since then it has been extremely busy with lots of weddings and a constant stream of visitors, many of them interested in seeing the ‘Ages of Carlingford’ video, which you can view by clicking on the following link ( ).

Maybe it’s the weather, or maybe word is spreading that we are worth a visit. Drop in and see what you think – and pass the word on.

Upcoming Events

15-17th August – Thomas D’Arcy McGee International Forum (formerly Summer School), with Canadian and Irish speakers from across academia, politics, business and the arts. The Thomas D’Arcy McGee Award will be presented to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to civil society in the Irish-Canadian sphere.

Tickets available at or from the Heritage Centre.

25th August – All-Ireland Humanist Summer School

18-26th August – Heritage Week

We will mark the beginning of Heritage Week with bell-ringing in the Heritage Centre at noon on Saturday 18th August. The Station House will be up-lit, as will the tower of the Heritage Centre and the huge stained-glass window will be back-lit. The Newry Maritime Association will up-light the Haulbowline lighthouse.

On Tuesday 21st, archaeologist Eoin Halpin will lead a ‘Walk and Talk’ from the Heritage Centre on recent excavations at King John’s Castle (7.30pm).

Wednesday 22nd, Brian Larkin will talk about ‘Greenore, railway hub of the Cooley Peninsula’ in the Station House (7.30pm).

Thursday 23rd, Séamus Murphy will talk about interpreting the historic landscape of Carlingford and Cooley in the Courthouse (at 7.30pm).

This profile of the Slieve Foye skyline comes from “Mapping the minor place names of the Cooley Peninsula”, co-written by Ardaghy man Andrew McGuinness. It is an absolute treasure of local lore and field names which would make good material for a very different kind of pub quiz. Around Carlingford, can you find the Bainseach, Ball Alley, Bog Bane, the Brockey, Corncrin, Cornambroc or the Dane’s Table. Up on the Commons, look out for the Goalyin, the Klondike, the Murdering Hole and Toberwarry. The whole 90-page document is available as a PDF free of charge at ns_Mourne_Cooley_Gullion_Geo_Bursary_Scheme_Report_November_2015?auto=download

If you know of Cooley place names not mentioned in the report, Andrew would like to hear from you, via the Heritage Centre.

Carlingford & Cooley Tourism Association News


The long run of fine weather which we have experienced since June has seen visitors flock to Carlingford to enjoy the sun. This has been particularly evident in July, where daytime midweek family groups have descended on the village to enjoy the good weather and the many attractions that Carlingford has to offer to people of all ages and backgrounds. The odd rainy day that we have had has also been very welcome in the countryside, and if anything, has made the hills and the lough even more attractive to our visitors.


It is common knowledge that Carlingford has seen an increase in unruly and anti-social behaviour from a small number of groups and individuals coming to our village. This has caused significant inconvenience, not to say distress to many of the residents of Carlingford and surrounding areas. The CCTA condemns such behaviour in the strongest possible terms and is active in seeking to correct this situation.

Louth County Council has introduced new bye-laws to curb the consumption of alcohol in public places, which will come into effect in early August. These new regulations will allow the Gardai to take more effective action against offenders, and it is to be hoped that licenced premises, retail outlets and bus operators will play their part in controlling the availability of excessive alcohol, which is a significant contributor to the anti-social behaviour in the village and in nearby residential developments.


The CCTA also notes recent letters issued by the Planning Department of LCC to certain householders, in respect of alleged breaches of planning permissions for residential properties engaged in short term letting, particularly at weekends to ‘Hen’ and ‘Stag’ groups. Some of these groups have been observed engaged in unruly and unacceptable behaviour, sometimes throughout the night, thus causing great inconvenience and distress to residents in the affected areas. As this matter is now in the hands of the relevant authorities, it would be inappropriate for the CCTA to prejudge any outcomes, except to express the hope that this matter can be resolved to the satisfaction of residents and the community at large, while at the same time protecting responsible tourism, which brings so much employment and economic benefit to the whole Carlingford community. Again, the CCTA is active in encouraging the owners of short term rental properties to ensure that their tenants are fully aware of the need to adopt responsible behaviour at all times to ensure that neighbours are not discommoded by their activities.

On a more positive note the CCTA looks forward to the two major events taking place in August – The Carlingford Oyster Festival, which runs from 9th to 13th and the Thomas D’Arcy McGee International Forum which follows on 15th and runs to 17th August.

Both events promise to have something for everybody – both residents of Carlingford and visitors alike.


To facilitate the running of the outdoor events of the Oyster Festival, the Market Square will be closed to traffic on the Saturday and Sunday of the Festival (as in previous years).



Bookings for the sessions and events of the D’Arcy McGee Forum can be made either on line

( or directly in the Heritage Centre.



The Foy Centre

Irish Dance Festival

The annual Irish Dance Festival returns on Monday 30th July – Saturday 4th August. Children from all around the world attend this festival in Carlingford and celebrate all aspects of Irish dance, Set dancing, Sean nÓs, Ceili dancing & more!

We’re delighted they use the Foy Centre as a venue for their workshop and end of festival concert.

Look out for the dancers around the town – they sometimes take to the streets!

Da Cooley Thriller

Yes, its back, ‘Da Cooley Thriller’ is about to peddle off once more for the 11th time, on Saturday 11th, August 2018 at 10am. Set in the Cooley Mountains just outside Carlingford, Co. Louth the route, approx. 52km, and 18km (Short Thriller) will take riders on a complete traverse of the Cooley Mountains, taking in some of the Táin Trail and forest tracks to some roller coaster natural single trails once navigated by the bold Cuchulainn himself.

The Foy Centre will be used as the registration and finish area.

Tag Rugby Festival

A Tag Rugby Festival will be held on the Foy Centre pitch on Saturday 18th August. €100 entry per team. Contact if you want to register a team.


Back by popular Demand – The Ultimate Comedy Hypnotist

We’re currently getting organised for our big event this year on Saturday 15th September when we welcome back Michael McCoy the Hypnotist to the stage.

This is a really fun evening to be had and one not to be missed. Get the date in your diary!

Tickets are available from The Orchard Bakery or any Foy Centre Committee Member.

Orchard Bakery

The next pop-up restaurant will be held on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th August. To book contact – 086 1956878.

If there’s anything you would like to see happening in the centre or on the pitch please contact

Debbie Hamilton on 083 8013777.

A New Open Water Swimmers Group

A group of swimming enthusiasts have set up a group called Carlingford Swimmers, the requirements are that any member has the ability to swim 200m (which is 10 lengths of a normal pool or 12 lengths of The Four Seasons pool) and to be over 16 years of age. Anyone under that age must have parent’s approval and to be accompanied by either a parent or guardian on swims.

The aim of the group is to encourage all locals to swim in OW (open water), a facility which is on our doorstep, regular posts are on the Carlingford Swimmers Facebook page giving information about tides, group swims, events, and special training lessons offered in the area. It is a voluntary group with no commercial interest and at the moment is headed by Harry Jordan.

The group currently has 96 members, ranging from very first time open water swimmers, to triathletes, to a couple of Channel and ice swimmers.

Swimmers also post when looking for a swim buddy.

For more information contact Harry Jordan on 087 7785199 .

Carlingford Tidy Towns

CTT currently has a total of 36 volunteers contributing to our activities in Carlingford and this does not include the numbers of people who assist on our periodic beach and town litter picking sessions.

We are delighted with this increase in the workforce as it enables us to spread the load and in doing so makes each of our lives much more enjoyable working in a team. If you have an hour to spare to help improve the place where you live, please contact Pauric on 086 6033033 or Joanne on 07768 187973.

Having had no-one permanently assigned to CTT for a very long period, we were also pleased when a TUS worker was finally assigned to us recently. This will enable us to achieve a higher level of maintenance work around the town on a more regular basis and also to conduct supervised project work.

On the weekend of 1st July, the bins on the promenade were emptied by Carlingford Tidy Towns three times. We think, in common with many other towns across the country, it might be time to consider refusing waste, reducing packaging, bringing home waste for recycling and disposal. All of this waste pictured above will go to a big hole in the ground. So please, #rethink/#refuse #reduce

#reuse #recycle #rot and take disposal as a last resort.

Recycling is not the only answer. We have been working with all the outlets in Carlingford to Refuse to give out waste in the first place especially, single use plastic. Reducing the amount of packaging would help and Re-using your own water bottle or coffee cup and bags are all ways in which we can help reduce waste like this.

We decided to smarten up our winner’s plaque from our win in the 1988 Tidy Towns competition. It’s much more legible now and reflects the pride we take in the place.

There are even more nice touches being added by the shopkeepers every day.

The Sailing Club has stopped giving out straws with their drinks – and the children don’t seem to mind at all!

CTT has worked hard to complete the installation of two new Welcome Signs to the town. The following volunteers played an active part in bringing this about: Pam, Tom, Austin, Seamus, Noel, Denise, Benny, Gerry, Patricia and Aileen.

The second stone surround was completed on 6th July ready for planting.

They really look super and we have been receiving lots of compliments from far and wide.

We have also been investing in more equipment to make the task of our volunteers less onerous.

Meet Carlingford Tidy Town’s new pet mascot ‘Kärcher’. Kärcher is very friendly and loves exercise, cigarette butts, litter and dirt. If you would like to volunteer to take him out for a walk around the town, along the promenade or up your street, do contact us – it is so easy to use and requires little effort to push.

The small flowerbed at the Tholsel Gate was weeded and new plants added on 5th July.

The left-hand litter bin had remained with silver lettering for some years as it had not been considered the worst of the ones CTT has had to refurbish. We are pleased that this one is now in gold livery and that the two others in the same vacinity have also been spruced up.

We also gave the road signs at either ends of our approach roads a clean, both to improve visibility and the overall cleanliness of our town.

CTT purchased eight Cigarette/Gum receptacles recently and we have installed these mainly around Market Square in order to address problems outside the hostelries in the area. Our streets are inundated with discarded cigarette butts and we frequently have to employ high pressure washers to remove gum stuck fast to the pavement, so although the new bins may appear high in number we are yet to see if this will mitigate the problem.

We are now emptying these containers at fortnightly intervals and are pleased to find that they are definitely being used.

Stone the Crows!

We have installed a flexible membrane over the openings of litter bins on the promenade. This does not prevent people from posting their litter into the bins but we hope that it might deter the crows from pulling it out. The crows are responsible for much of the litter strewn around the green in the early hours and also for that which lands up in the harbour. In general, people will do the right thing and find a bin for their litter. Of course, there are still irresponsible ones who will walk away from their picnic or throw down their takeaway as soon as they are done with it.

CTT now has a fishing net with a three metre long handle to retrieve litter from the harbour!

We have also had to chain up the wheelie bins to prevent them from being thrown into the harbour. Four have had to be retrieved this month alone.

We are willing to try anything to keep Carlingford clean and tidy and indeed will be taking delivery of some double size bins and a Big Belly compactor bin in the next few weeks which together will provide an additional eleven times the capacity of a single bin.

This sign on Castle Pier had rusty legs, so we gave them a coat of rust inhibiting hammerite to prolong their life.

We are delighted that yet another business (in Newry Street) is undergoing a makeover.

Thank you to all in Carlingford who have been repainting this year – the whole town benefits for your efforts.

We have been sharing quite a number of Facebook pages recently which cover a wide spectrum of environmental issues including: the illegal dumping of tyres on the main road at the Newry/Dundalk border, the truth about recycling coffee cups, cleaning the Clanrye River in Newry, to unbelievable levels of plastic pollution in Bali and Bankok. There are also great new ideas such as a Repair Café for household items and Kinsale’s declaration to become a plastic free town.

All of these issues are dear to our hearts and we are all able to take action, however small, when we are better informed.

Find us on

Carlingford Residents Association

Carlingford Residents Association welcomed Louth County Council’s new bye-laws aimed at curbing drinking in public places. The bye-laws come into effect in August. The CRA made the only submission received by the Council during the public consultation period. The new bye-laws, which include passenger vehicles and public transport vehicles in the definition of a public place, prohibit the supply of alcohol for consumption in a public place, and will cover the whole county.

A number of residents have written to Louth County Council enquiring if planning permission is required for change of use from residential accommodation to short-term rental accommodation. It is understood this matter is ongoing.

Residents who wish to contact CRA, please email

Well done to Trinity Close for some very neat kerb edging. A dose of rain is all it needs to be spectacular.

And to St Oliver’s Close for completing their project.

If you run a local community group and would like to advertise your past or future events in this newsletter, please contact the undersigned.

Thank you for supporting your community

If you have any ideas or comments please Email them to

and I will ensure they are brought to the attention of the appropriate committee.


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